The ALeRCE broker tutorial

A workshop for ALeRCE users.

Sept. 23, 2020 - Sept. 24, 2020

With a new generation of large etendue telescopes which will be streaming alerts from space and the ground, a new infrastructure layer connecting survey and follow-up resources is required: the astronomical alert brokers. The Automatic Learning for the Rapid Classification of Events (ALeRCE; Förster et al. 2020, Carrasco-Davis et al. 2020 and Sánchez-Sáez et al. 2020) is a Chilean led initiative to build an alert broker for the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF), the Vera Rubin C. Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) and other large etendue telescopes. In this two-day workshop you will learn to use the tools by the ALeRCE broker and will learn to code a notebook focused on your own science case.

You can find all the slides, notebooks and videos in the agenda for each day below. You can also use a Youtube list with a compilation of all the talks.


ALeRCE tutorial Day 1
Sept. 23, 2020

Day 1

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ALeRCE tutorial Day 2
Sept. 24, 2020

Day 2

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